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23 Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

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Crochet amigurumi patterns are a great way to make an adorable toy that will delight you. Crochet amigurumi means “crochet stuffed doll,” and it refers to a crochet style that produces animal or human figures with no obvious connection between the head and body—in other words, your creations will look like little stuffed toys. The nice thing about following a pattern for such a project is that you’ll benefit from someone else’s ideas, experience, and hard work. Step-by-step instructions and diagrams help you, so you don’t have to worry about all the technical details that go into crocheting—you’ll know just what to do, as well as when to do it and when not to do it. Start with this collection of 23 Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns.

Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

The essence of amigurumi is a crochet doll that’s stuffed with fiberfill, not unlike a beanbag toy. It’s popular as a toy for children and an art form for people of all ages, but it also has many practical applications. Amigurumi are easy to care for and light enough to be carried around without strain—but they’re also cuddly and soft enough to provide comfort to infants who might be having trouble sleeping. If you’re looking for a way to make your little one smile, look no further than these adorable crochet patterns! These crochet amigurumi patterns can be used as toys for kids, or they can be used as decorations in your house. You can use these crocheted items by yourself or give them as gifts to others.

Here are 23 Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns for some adorable creatures you can give as gifts this holiday season.

Tips For Crocheting Amigurumi Patterns

Amigurumi crochet patterns are great for all levels of crocheters. They’re small, cute and easy to make. They’re also great for using scrap and leftover yarn from previous projects. These tips will help you be successful when working on your next amigurumi pattern.

  1. Use a hook size slightly smaller than the pattern recommended. This will help the stuffing not poke through your work as much and make for a more sturdy finished product.
  2. Use a yarn needle with a large eye to sew your pieces together, especially if you use felt as stuffing material (this will prevent frayed edges).
  3. Leave long tails on each piece before sewing them together so that you have something to hold onto when sewing them together (a small bit of yarn can be used in place of the tail, but it is harder to see through).
  4. Make sure your stitches are secure when sewing together by inserting your needle into both sides of the fabric at once, then pulling tight before moving on to another stitch area (if this is done correctly, there should be no gaps between stitches).

Red Panda Amigurumi

Crochet Red Panda Amigurumi

This Red Panda Amigurumi will be your new favorite crochet project. The adorable design is child-friendly, easy to follow and perfect for beginners. The head, arms, legs and body are crocheted separately before being assembled. The face features embroidered wire whiskers, and no-sew felt eyes with embroidered details. It is super adorable and great for birthdays, Christmas, holidays or any other special occasion! This Crochet pattern makes a great gift for any age.


Chicken Amigurumi Keychain

Chicken Amigurumi Keychain Pattern

Crochet Chicken Amigurumi Keychain is a crochet keychain accessory for your keys or bag. This project is quick and easy to make, requires only basic crochet stitches, and makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves chickens. It looks like a chicken, but it’s quite comfortable to hold onto. This little chicken would be a great gift for your friends or a treat for yourself. This crochet chicken keychain is a wonderful gift for yourself or your loved ones. It is easily customizable to suit your needs.


Chibi Mudkip Amigurumi

Chibi Mudkip Amigurumi Pattern

This would be a perfect item to add to your collection of plushies, and this Mudkip Chibi Amigurumi will brighten up anyone’s day. Crochet Chibi Mudkip Amigurumi is a great addition to your collection of cute crochet plushies. This is a unique addition to your collection, as most people probably don’t have one of these little characters in their homes. You can use it as home decor or gift it to someone who loves chicos or just like amiibos.


Yoyo Osito Amigurumi

Yoyo Osito Amigurumi

Make this crochet teddy bear toy for your child. It’s very easy and fast to make. You can also make it a gift for any friend or family member. This is an adorable Yoyo Osito Amigurumi. This pattern is easy to read, use and understand. You will learn basic stitches such as ch, and sc and how to increase, decrease and finish your work. The pattern comes in English with graphs that help understand the process. All you need is a bit of crochet experience, and you’ll be ready to make this cute amigurumi toy!


Robe For Buddha Amigurumi Doll

Robe For Buddha Amigurumi Doll

Here’s what you need to make your very own Amigurumi Buddha! It’s a crochet robe pattern for your crocheted Buddha that gives him a new look. You’ll love the different colors and styles of robes and their matching colors. This pattern is intended for the beginner to intermediate crocheter. The robe is worked in a type of crochet stitch that works up fast, and the rest of the project is easy enough that anyone could make it.


Bat Amigurumi Halloween Crochet Pattern:

Bat Amigurumi Halloween Crochet Pattern

Frightfully cute, this bat is ready to help you celebrate Halloween! This will make a great present for anyone who loves bats or wants a detailed crochet project. This crochet pattern creates an adorable little bat that’s the perfect size to fit into a little ghost’s hand! The small size means this pattern is perfect for beginners looking to add a cool Halloween decoration to their home and experienced crocheters who want something fun to make in the afternoon. This project is for a beginner to intermediate crocheter, who is comfortable with basic crochet stitches and terminology. It makes an excellent Halloween decoration or party favor.


Amigurumi Sloth Free Crochet Pattern:

Amigurumi Sloth Free Crochet Pattern

This is an easy-to-follow pattern to make a soft and cuddly little amigurumi sloth. Sloths are great for many occasions, including as a baby shower gift, wedding favor, or to make someone smile! This cute little sloth is a great first project with yarn and hook! Follow the instructions provided, and you will soon be able to make this adorable little creature that can be used as a toy, decoration or even a gift.


Hippo Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern:

Hippo Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern

This rattle is fun, easy and great for beginners. This crochet pattern is for a baby toy that makes a great shower gift and would be perfect for your baby boy or girl! You could make one up as a baby shower gift, or imagine how adorable they’ll be when your little ones play with them. This Hippo Baby Rattle Crochet Pattern is easy, beginner-friendly and perfect for kids of all ages. You’ll love the ease of this simple and satisfying project.


Soft Dreamy Bee Amigurumi Pattern:

Soft Dreamy Bee Amigurumi Pattern

A sweet and simple crochet pattern for an adorable dreamy bee amigurumi. This little bee is designed to be extra soft and huggable, perfect for young children. You could also use it as a keychain or a special squishy toy. This pattern is quick and easy enough to make even while watching your favorite tv show or meeting a last-minute gift-giving occasion. Perfect as a cell phone charm, or give her away as a cute little good luck charm!


Turtle Pattern By Amigurumi Today:

Turtle Pattern By Amigurumi Today

Crochet Turtle Pattern By Amigurumi Today The Tiny Crochet Stuffed Animal- Want to make your kids happy? Here is a selection of cute crochet projects for you! All these crochet patterns are so easy and quick to make. An expert designs the patterns. You can be familiar with crochet to complete any project. It is a fun pattern for beginners, using just single crochet stitches. Beginners will love the easy instructions in this very popular Amigurumi Crafts Hobby.


Lulu Doll Amigurumi Pattern:

Lulu Doll Amigurumi Pattern

This crochet pattern is perfect for your next project – a simple, quick and easy Lulu doll amigurumi! This design will allow you to create cute accessories for her, including hats, bags and other fun things. It’s also a special opportunity for you to use a variety of yarns. Lulu is an adorable doll. She is easy to make and perfect for beginner crocheters! She makes a great gift for the little girls in your life and can be made in just a few hours.


Koala With Heart Free Pattern:

Koala With Heart Free Pattern

Learn how to crochet this adorable koala! This free baby and kids pattern is made with 100% cotton that can be used as a stuffed animal or gift bag decoration and is sure to be your little one’s new favorite toy. This perfect crochet pattern gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. The gifter in your life will love this cute koala with heart free pattern! This free pattern is for a crochet koala with a heart, which can be worked in any yarn and size you would like; the koala can be used as a key chain, bag decoration or on its own.


Farm Horse Crochet Pattern:

Farm Horse Crochet Pattern

A cute, tiny horse is all you need to brighten up any room! This little guy can be used as part of your interior design collective, or he can make a great gift for the horse lover in your life. This beautiful horse is ready for a ride! This crocheted farm horse pattern is great to display on any shelf, window sill or mantle. It’s perfect for anyone who loves horses and animals. Make it a gift for your children, grandchildren or friends who love horses.



Alpine Cow Crochet Pattern:

Alpine Cow Crochet Pattern

A cute and cuddly alpine cow will make an adorable addition to your home. This Alpine Cow Crochet Pattern comes with a pattern for a small or large mitt so that you can cozy up your hands or feet in some warm cowhide. Perfect for those frosty winter nights! This pattern is beginner friendly and works up quickly. It would be perfect for any kid’s room, nursery, holiday gift, or keepsake.


Pedro The Parrot Crochet Pattern

Pedro The Parrot Crochet Pattern

This unique crochet pattern is a wonderful way to showcase some of the beautiful colors you can create with crochet! This is a great pattern for beginners since it only requires basic stitches and looks amazing. Hurry up and start making Pedro your own before his mates find him first! This is an ideal project for all levels of crocheters, from beginners to experienced crafters. Pedro will feel right at home sitting in your home or perched on someone’s shoulder for a photo opportunity!


Baby Unicorn Amigurumi Pattern:

Baby Unicorn Amigurumi Pattern

This crochet baby unicorn pattern is perfect for little kids who adore unicorns. The soft cream color makes this a sweet and delicate-looking toy that any little girl will treasure. It’s the perfect gift for your own little princess or to give to one of your friends who has just had their first child. With this pattern, you can create a truly individual and handcrafted friend for your child, which will certainly become their favorite companion!


Blooming Cactus Amigurumi Free Crochet Pincushion Pattern:

Blooming Cactus Amigurumi Free Crochet Pincushion Pattern

This Blooming Cactus Amigurumi Pincushion is a great project to use those leftover yarns and make something cute for your table! This vibrant blooming cactus amigurumi pin cushion pattern is the perfect gift for any plant lover! This free crochet mermaid tail pattern can be made with or without a hook. A super-easy crochet project for beginners to make, this pattern is fun to give as a gift and complete in less than an hour.


Monkey Baby Rattle Crochet Designed Pattern:

Monkey Baby Rattle Crochet Designed Pattern

Get ready to make some noise with this adorable baby rattle! Crocheted with 100% cotton yarn, this cute little monkey features a hanging tail that makes an adorable rattling sound when babies shake it around. Every baby needs a rattle in their toy collection, so crochet one up today! This is a unique baby rattle crochet pattern. You will find this to be a fun and easy project. This is a perfect gift for friends and loved ones, who are having a baby shower, expectant mothers and all new parents.


Owl Amigurumi Pattern:

Owl Amigurumi Pattern

This crochet owl amigurumi pattern is an easy crochet project that makes an adorable addition to any child’s room. He will bring smiles and giggles as you watch your little one snuggle with their new friend, making him a perfect family gift idea! This is an easy pattern but requires basic knowledge of crochet stitches and techniques. If you can work magic ring, single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet stitches, you can make this adorable owl.


Free Stripy Cat Amigurumi Pattern:

Free Stripy Cat Amigurumi Pattern

This Crochet Stripy Cat Amigurumi Pattern is a great way to practice your crochet skills and make something fun. The cat has a collar and ears, and it’s possible to get more complex details by adding stripes. This crochet amigurumi pattern is for a Stripy Cat. It is easy to follow, with lots of pictures and detailed instructions. You can follow the instructions to make it as big or small as you like, making it great for small children’s toys as well as adults.


Minion Costume Crochet Doll Pattern:

Minion Costume Crochet Doll Pattern

This pattern is easy to follow, and all techniques are explained in detail. This makes it great for confident beginners and more experienced crocheters who want to try their hand at some new stitches. The Minion costume is easy to make and will not take a lot of time. It’s about taking each step one at a time and just knowing what to do next. The most important thing is going slow and making sure that you do everything neatly so that you can use this project as an example for the next time you want to crochet something similar.


Crochet Doll In Hello Kitty Costume Amigurumi Pattern:

Crochet Doll In Hello Kitty Costume Amigurumi Pattern

Crochet Doll In Hello Kitty Costume Amigurumi Pattern. This Crochet doll is a handmade doll dressed like Hello Kitty. It has open clothing that allows you to dress and undress the doll to fit your desired persona. If you love cosplay, this crochet pattern is perfect for amigurumi cosplay enthusiasts. This amigurumi doll pattern is a great gift for any Hello Kitty fan. They’re easy to make and are made from worsted-weight yarns. Have fun crocheting this adorable doll!

crochet amigurumi

Minnie Mouse Costume Crochet Doll Free Amigurumi Pattern:

Minnie Mouse Costume Crochet Doll Free Amigurumi Pattern

If you love Minnie Mouse and crochet, this should be your first choice! This is an adorable Minnie Mouse Costume crochet doll pattern, where you can create your own little Minnie for all dress-up play. This crochet doll can be a great gift for your daughter, friends and family. This cute little Amigurumi pattern is made with a type of yarn that makes it very soft. The headband is removable, so you can use it as a hat if you want. Minnie’s face may look like she has some attitude, but she is very sweet.


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