Trending Door curtains ideas of 2020

Door is probably the most functional home accessory as they are always in use. Therefore, they need some protection and we can’t deny the role of door curtains. Door curtains act as a protecting layer as they prevent the doors from sun exposure, stains, dirt, dust mists, and harsh climatic conditions. If you are looking for ideas to dress up your doors, you’re at the right place. This article is all about the latest door curtains trends, keep on reading to find out…

  1. Add roller blinds 


Roller blinds are not meant for the main door or bedroom doors but prove to be a subtle addition to kitchen doors. They are thin, breathable, & moisture absorbent. They keep your kitchen fresh and prevent suffocation by letting the sunlight get in and easy air passage.  Moreover, Roman blinds are made from wipeable fabric when offered easy and hassle-free maintenance. Plus, they are easy to adjust to any door.

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Roman blinds add a softer and well-organized look to your kitchen as well. Roman blinds come in beautiful and soft prints in lighter and soft hues which tend to add softness balancing the sharpness of the interior and creating a well-balanced look.

  • 2. Choose a door fitting blind

Door fitting blinds create a sleek and subtle look. They are recommended for French glass doors. They can be opened and closed easily as per your needs. The opening will allow the sunlight to come in and flip the fresh air at the same time. Whereas, for a protected and dark space you can close them completely. An advantage of using these door curtains is that you are not required to push the door curtains by hand every time you are entering or leaving your space. 

  • 3. Go for thermal door curtains


Thermal door curtains contain an insulating layer that actively works to block the thermals and draughts coming into your space and maintain the temperature of your space. These curtains also protect your privacy and help you work comfortably staying inside. They come in many colours, designs, and fabric materials which allow you to choose any that complements your interior. Blackout door curtains are best when it comes to thermal door curtains as they are triple-layered and have a foam or rubber at the back which prevents the draughts and thermals and maintains the temperature.

  • 4. Opt for sheer curtains 

Sheer door curtains are the best go-to if you are not worried about privacy invasion and want an airy and bright space. Sheer Door curtains allow the sunlight and air circulation. They also help you make your door frames visible. For a textured and fuller illusion, double or tri-layered sheer door curtains can be used. Sheer door curtains do not protect privacy as they are completely transparent. If you are concerned with privacy protection consider adding double or triple-layered sheer curtains because the multiple layers will block the view of your place and provide you with a private place.

  • Layer up door curtains

Layering up door curtains is another practical go-to. If you place us spacious, layered door curtains can add fullness and elegance to it. For layering up the door curtains, do not go to different shades rather stick to a neutral colour for more elegance and sophisticated look. 

There are a number of ways to layer up the door curtains. You can add multiple layers made from different fabric materials. Like, consider adding sheer, heavy, and a blackout panel as the first, middle, and back layer of the curtains. It will allow you to get the maximum benefits like adding thermal insulation, blocking light, making your place airy, and allowing sun kisses. You can create a blackout or bright space with the help of multiple layered curtains.

  • Add patterned door curtains

Patterned door curtains are an easy find at any home decor retailers or online store. They add a textured look to the place and bring life to a lifeless and dull door.

They will add an aesthetic appeal by elevating the features of your interior. Patterned door curtains are also beneficial as they blend well with any interior without overpowering any features aiding the existing interior look better and well organized.

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